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Download the 2010 supermosaic 6-foot version
bare-earth and shaded relief
as a zipped ESRI filegeodatabase
June 7-16, 2010 version

Warning, we were just informed that area of the 2005-6 Snohomish survey somehow got overwritten with resampled 10-meter garbage in the 6-foot supermosaic. We are rebuilding from scratch. Sorry.

Download the 2010 supermosaic 30-foot version
as a zipped ESRI filegeodatabase
1,563,520,462 bytes
March 10, 2010 version


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Technical Assistance

If you have difficulty loading the data files into your software, cannot easily transfer large files via the Internet, or would like advice on the uses and limitations of these data, please refer our frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you need here contact us.


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