Puget Sound Lidar Consortium

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LiDAR tiles have been mosaicked into large file geodatabases for convenient use. This format can now be accessed through version 9.3 or higher ESRI software. Other vendors may have interfaces in their software for this format. File geodatabases are more compact than SDE databases and--when the user load is low--much faster. (File geodatebases supplant "personal geodatabases".)

This is the Lewis County survey, the first PSLC project to be gridded at 3-foot spacing. Townships are shown. Data coverage was just sufficient to cover the aftermath of the the storm of December, 2007

May 25, 2016: It was brought to our attention that the topsurface DEM was mosaicked as an integer raster. It is being replaced with a new filegeodatabase of topsurface and shaded relief.

There is a new zipped bare-earth DEM and hillshade

We trust that your sotware can handle files larger than 2GB.

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