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We now have a major competitor/collaborator in the Washington Department of Natural Resources LiDAR portal
Unlike us, they dilligently keep their site up to date. Many people prefer their interface. If you have compared sites and think that this site is still useful, please tell Harvey about it.

Most recent projects have lovely vendor reports

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We have taken considerable care to ensure that these topographic survey data and derived images are as accurate as possible. We believe most of these data are adequate for determination of flood hazards, for geologic mapping, for hydrologic modelling, for determination of slope angles, for modelling of radio-wave transmission, and similar uses with a level of detail appropriate to a horizontal scale of 1:12,000 (1 inch = 1,000 feet) or smaller and vertical accuracy on the order of a foot. Locally, the data are of considerably poorer quality.

Users should carefully determine the place-to-place accuracy and fitness of these data for their particular purposes. For many purposes a site- and use-specific field survey will be necessary.

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