Island County 2014


This dataset covers the Island County areas of interest: Camano Island, Whidbey Island, and Smith Island. See the metadata and report for the technical specifications and quality of the data.  The DEMs have a resolution of 3 feet.

Projection: Washington State Plane North 
Horizontal Datum:
Vertical Datum:
Units: US Survey Feet.   

Reference Information:

Project Report  - pdf

Index for DEM - shapefile

Index for LAS tiles - shapefile

Trajectory - shapefiles


Download Data:

Bare Earth DEM - e00 format
Bare Earth Hillshade - tiff format
Mosaicked bare earth and shaded relief - FileGeoDataBase

Highest Hit DEM - e00 format
Highest Hit Hillshade
- tiff format

filegeodastabase - 2.6GB 7z compressed format

LAS files - laz compressed format

For additional data such as Bare Earth ASCII files, intensity images, or contour vector files please Contact us.

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