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Not much to see here, folks!

The remote sensing lab has been smashed to pieces (9/10/2009).
Inactive Research Projects Publications
W. M. Keck Remote Sensing and Planetary Sciences Lab

The Remote Sensing  & Planetary Sciences lab studies the theory, mapping, and application of remote sensing to:

  • the evolution of the surface of the Earth and other planetary bodies in the solar system
  • the monitoring of anthropogenic change
  • natural hazards

Primary Links:

Spirit Pancam image released 2/08/2005 from http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/
 used for the Surface Roughness study

Mosaic of Hebes Chasma, Mars using HRSC orbits h2149 (west), h1235 (center), and h0360 (east)

    W. M. Keck Remote Sensing and Planetary Sciences Laboratory
    Department of Earth and Space Sciences
    University of Washington

    Box 351310
    Seattle, WA  98195

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