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ESS 421
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Selected posters from DRI desert terrain analysis project, RAQRS II conference, and AGU December 2009.

The book Remote Sensing of Landscapes with Spectral Images

Full text of selected publications:

Selected list of publications:

  • F. Palmer, J.B. Adams, and J.T. Staley, 1997, Desert Varnish: In vitro formation experiments, Geomicrobiology, in revision.

  • J.B. Adams, D.E. Sabol,V. Kapos, R. Almeida Filho, D.A. Roberts, M.O. Smith, and A.R. Gillespie, 1995, Classification of Multispectral Images Based on Fractions of Endmembers:  Application to land-Cover Change in the Brazilian Amazon, Remote Sensing of Envir., 52, 137-154.

  • M.O. Smith, D.A. Roberts, J. Hill, W. Mehl, B. Hosgood, J. Verdebout, G. Schmuck, C. Koechler, and J.B. Adams, 1994, A New Approach to Determining Spectral Abundances of Mixtures in Multispectral Images, Proc. IGARSS Aug. 1994, JPL, Pasadena, CA.

  • D.H. Clark, M.M. Clark, and A.R. Gillespie, 1994, Debris-Covered Glaciers in the Sierra Nevada, California, and Their Implications for Snowline Reconstuctions, Quaternary Research 41, 139-153.

  • B.W. Nelson, V. Kapos, J.B. Adams, W.J. Oliveira, O.PG. Braun, and I.L. do Amaral, 1994, Forest Disturbance by Large Blowdowns in the Brazilian Amazon, Ecology 75 (3), 853-858.

  • D.A. Roberts, R.O. Green, D.E. Sabol, and J.B. Adams, 1993, Temporal Changes in Endmember Abundances, Liquid Water and Water Vapor over Vegetation at Jasper Ridge, CA, Proc. Fourth Annual Airborne Geoscience (AVIRIS) Workshop, JPL, October, Washington, DC.

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