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USGS/NASA 2006 LiDAR survey west of Mount Rainier

NASA in collaboration with the USGS contracted TerraPoint, LLC to survey several high elevations areas that are consider seismic zones and therefore had technical specification design to address the unique needs in this areas.  The areas covered are West Rainier seismic zone, Darrington-Devils Mountain seismic zone and the Mount St. Helens volcano and seismic zone in Washington state.  Additionally they also collected data for the northern San Andreas fault in California.  The resulting products from these surveys are now available from NASA.
This 700MB filegeodatabase was built from the following source materials at NASA:

file namelast modifiedsize
Anderson_Sawtooth_Ridge.tar.gz 10-Dec-2004 21M
Ashford_Mt_Wow_Mt_Rainier_West.tar.gz 10-Dec-2004 448M
LeDout_Creek_Golden_Lakes_Mowich_Lake.tar.gz 10-Dec-2004 432M
Wilkeson_Old_Baldy_Mountain.tar.gz 10-Dec-2004 375M
PreMissionReport_Mt_Rainier.pdf 10-Dec-2004 3.0M
Rainier_San_Andreas_lidar_SOW.pdf 01-Mar-2006 4.1M

Project Report: Rainier_San_Andreas_lidar_SOW.pdf