Pierce County 2010 LiDAR


Pierce 2010 Project Area  

This dataset was acquired by Pierce County and provided to the PSLC for distribution. See the metadata and project report for technical specifications and data quality.  The county provided 3-ft resolution bare earth rasters and LAS files.  There is no top surface raster data available.  The coordinate system is Washington State Plane South NAD83, NAVD88.  All units are in U.S. survey feet.

Reference Information:

Project Report  - PDF
All Returns Point Cloud Metadata  - XML file

Index for original IMG raster tiles and LAS files - shapefiles

Download Data:

The bare earth rasters are available in two formats, IMG and file geodatabase.  Both are 3-ft resolution rasters.  The IMG files are the original tiles sent by the county and can be downloaded in small sections.  The file geodatabase is a mosaic of all the original tiles. 

Bare earth elevation models in IMG format See the index shapefile above to locate the files covering your area of interest. 

Bare earth raster mosaic - ESRI File Geodatabase version 9.3  (11.6 GB)

LAS Point Cloud -  There are 4,528 individual LAS files.  Use the index shapefile to locate the files covering your area of interest.

Intensity Images - tiff format


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