2014 Stillaguamish LiDAR, Including Oso

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The Washington Department of Transportation LiDAR is now freely available, and this web site is under development. The previous 2014 landslide web site did not contain actual 2014 data. (But it may be the best place to look for maps.)

Data was sent to us at the beginning of 2015 from the wsdot GeoMetrix office. We will start with the final product, and later see if the intermediate products are useful.

Compressed las point files are available by tile. We will try distributing the DEM as a filegeodatabase (7,280,707,041 bytes), and will create tiles if there is a strong demand for tiled data.

A compressed filegeodatabase contains:
bebare_earth digital elevation model
hhhighest hit digital elevation model, showing vegetation
behsnwshaded relief image of bare earth, lit from the northwest
hhhsnwshaded relief image of highest-hit, lit from the northwest
intensitybrightness of the lidar return.


See the Vendor's Technical Data Report

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