Yacolt State Forest Dataset 2005

This dataset was acquired by Washington State Department of Natural Resouces.  All data is in Washington State Plane South, NAD83 HARN, US-survey feet.  The vertical datum is NAVD88 and the units are also US-survey feet.  Use the coverage and quarter quad index shapefile to determine the files you need

Reference Information  (There is limited documentation for this dataset.)
The river survey is the 2005 Lower Columbia River Projects
Coverage Shapefile
Quarter Quad Index Shapefile

Download Data:
All Yacolt data (a version 10.3 filegeodatabase with shaded relief, and a bonus mxd file) 1.5GB
Easternmost 5 miles of the Lower Columbia Survey DEM lying south of Yacolt
Bare Earth DEM (.e00)
Full Feature DEM (.e00)
Bare Earth Georeferenced TIFF files
Top Surface Georeferenced TIFF files
Bare Earth ASCII XYZ files of the raster
First Return ASCII XYZ files of the raster

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