City of Bellingham 2013


This dataset covers the City of Bellingham and surrounding Whatcom Lake Watershed. See the metadata and report for the technical specifications and quality of the data.  The bare earth DEMs, contours and Bare Earth LAS files were created in Washignton State Plane North NAD83, NAVD88.  All units in feet.  The DEMs have a resolution of 3 feet cells. 

Reference Information:

Project Report  - pdf

Index for DEM - shapefile

Index for LAS tiles - shapefile

Trajectory - shapefiles


Download Data:

Bare Earth DEM - e00 format
Bare Earth Hillshade - tiff format

Highest Hit DEM - e00 format
Highest Hit Hillshade
- tiff format

LAS files - laz compressed format

For additional data such as Bare Earth ASCII files, Hydroflattened Bare Earth grids, or other vector files please Contact us.

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