Snohomish County (Washington State) LiDAR

This is one of several directories containing LiDAR DEMs for Snohomish County. Although it was created much earlier, it arrived at the PSLC with the following metdata:
LiDAR-derived elevation grids
Snohomish County Information Services, March 2010, R.Simmonds

The folder LiDAR_4_PSLC contains the remaining bare earth and first return elevation grids
covering Snohomish County (e00 export format).  Grids ending in_FR are first returns, the remaining grids are bare earth.  Each grid name corresponds to the geography that is covers.  Here is the run down...

nfstildem - North Fork Stillaguamish floodplain

nwdem - NW Snohomish County

saukdem - Sauk River floodplain

skydem - Mainstem Skykomish River floodplain

snoqdem - Snoqualmie River floodplain

swdem - SW Snohomish Countys
The quality of this survey is not equal to the quality of some others.

e00 files first returns first returns first returns