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This data was acquired by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Quinault Indian Nation. It is merely being distributed by the PSLC. People who are interested in using this data are encouraged to contact the Quinault Indian Nation:
Bill ArmstrongSalmon Resources Scientist barmstro@quinault.org 360.276.8215 Ext 240
Tony HartrichGIS Director thartrich@quinault.org 360.276.8215 Ext 479

Bathymetric information will soon be added to this site.

There is a dataset for the Quinault River Basin and another for the adjacent Finley Creek.

vendor metadata
2-meter DEM as Arc/INFO grids (zipped)
2-meter DEM as an ESRI (version 10) filegeodatabase including Finley Creek (zipped)
Finley Creek Coverage
First Return XYZ ASCII files
LIDAR Breakline Work ARC/INFO export files
LIDAR Breakline Work
multiple_return XYZ ASCII files

Technical Assistance
If you have difficulty loading the data files into your software, cannot easily transfer large files via the Internet, or would like advice on the uses and limitations of these data, please reference our frequently asked questions If you can't find what you need here, contact us.

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