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2016KingCounty_Delivery_1 Other King County 2016 data
This project covers Southwest King County. The data was acquired Feb/March, 2016. See the project report below for more information.

Projection: Washington State Plane North
Vertical Datum: NAVD88 (GEOID03)
Horizontal Datum: NAD83 (HARN)
Units: US Survey Feet

Reference Information

Project report
Raster metadata
Boundary Shapefile
Quarter Quad Index Shapefile
LAS Tile Index Shapefile
Trajectory Point Shapefiles
Ground Control Shapefiles
Frequently Asked Questions
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No tiled rasters are available for this data.
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Top Surface DEM/Hillshade Mosaic TIFFs (This file fixed 11/2/2018) list
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Update Policy
As we approve data from the contractor they are posted here. Areas within many of the bare-earth DEMs can be improved by further processing of the all-return point data to better isolate bare-earth points. As we make these improvements we will upgrade the bare-earth DEMs and derivative images posted here.

Technical Assistance
If you have difficulty loading the data files into your software, cannot easily transfer large files via the Internet, or would like advice on the uses and limitations of these data, please reference our frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you need here contact us.

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