Thise is the LiDAR survey done for King County in 2009.

File Types

DEMs. No special extensions, e.g. dockton2012.tif These are 32-bit floating point files. We have only bare-earth DEMs here. Some software will have trouble with it. ArcMap and matlab will import them easily. We are moving to explicit but obscure extensions. "behsnw" means that these are hillshade images of the bare-earth DEM as lit from the northwest (azimuth=315) with the default altitude of 45 degrees. These are an 8-bit image that can be displayed by any program that does not choke on the size. These are bi-linearly resampled pyramid files that enable arcmap to display the images quickly and sharply when you are zoomed out.
DEMShaded reliefPyramid files
laz files