LIDAR Access

When you connect to, that address is aliased to If you have trouble try If you still have trouble, please complain. You don't really need to know this.

From here or the previous page, click on the "account" link to reach the signup screen:

Enter the requested information, and within minutes a password will be emailed to you.

When you go to the data page, a password popup will appear. Enter your account name, which is your email address (case sensitive), and enter your password. If you have trouble, hit the cancel button and a helpful page will appear.

You should never need to register again.

If you have problems, this page will help you to frame your questions clearly.

The new (May, 2007) security system for The Puget Sound Lidar Consortium skips the old login page (or the automatic login by cookie) and uses a password popup box. If the system is working correctly, the popup password is identical to the 8-character password assigned when you registered. If you forgot your password, you can have it resent. If you are not registered, register now. Note: Account names and passwords are now case-sensitive.
Registration will fail if you use an apostrophe (single quote) anywhere on the form.

If you have strange problems, contact Harvey.

Web Curator: Harvey Greenberg